Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Today, I woke up feeling fresh from a 7-hour sleep. Thank you, Lord. I just want to make a shout-out to the goodness of God in the lives of Ram and mine. Waking up to a cool, fresh and green surroundings is more than enough to be thankful for. Looking through our window and witnessing the hand of God through our flourishing  plants and trees as they happily look toward the shining sun brings out gratitude from deep within. 

Today, the sun came out after 4 days of constant downpour from heaven. 

Heavy downpour for the last 4 days

I thank you, my Lord, for a beautiful horizon that's new everyday. For several nights, one of our noisy but adorable cats, Memo, gets to sleep in our room while Minggay and her daughter Saisai sleep in Sky's room. 

Minggay and daughter, Saisai

Our adopted dog, Lovely, who just gave birth to 7 cute pups, rests cozily at Lira's haven outside the house,

Lovely's 7 pups

while Floyde and Jinky get to have their own abode, too, by our bedroom window. 

Floydy  and Jinky

We're just one big, happy family, thank you, Lord. And of course, our princess, Sky, still lives faraway from us and it's always a happily-ever-after thing if she gets to visit us from time to time. 

Oh, well, breakfast was an aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a home-made tuna-egg sandwich. I ate papaya with hot soup of pork ribs with lots of veggies at mid-morning. That made my tummy heavy! My usual routine of household chores, feeding our pets, and voila, business of the day begins. Lunch was rice, fried fish, papaya and camote. Hmmmm. For all these, and a little head-ache every now and then, I ecstatically want to THANK YOU, MY GOD, MY REDEEMER, for directing my day. Thank you for the strength and protection you accord my love ones and for Ram who's away for work  In a little while, I'll be cooking the rice for dinner. Something hot to dine on with leftover foods from last night, lol. Waiting for hubbylove to come home at 7:30p.m. 


Sunday, July 31, 2016


Sometimes, we are just too focused on the afterthought of our actions that we forget that life can be a whole lot funny, too! If you are a type of person who is anxious of saying, doing and behaving in the right manner all of the time, afraid to commit mistakes, and a stickler for order, well, that's commendable if it doesn't stress you. But on a funny note, have you heard of out-of-the-box behavioral experiments? 

To experiment doing things that you think will embarass you in public could be a real stressor for some people. But, the act of doing it intentionally could be a whole lot of fun and will unload you of those bad day stresses. I've tried some silly experiments and they just gave me the stitches.

Here are some of the silly things I've done to relieve me of work and life-related stress. Believe me, it's fun!

1.  Asking for the right direction and going the opposite way. Ha, the funny look of the direction-giver is just so enjoyable.

2. Selling my stuff to telemarketers who call when I'm busy.  Believe me, they'd be the first to hang up on you. 

3.  Reading a book upside down orally.  When someone corrects you, just smile and say, "Oh, thank you".

4.  Dancing like crazy to a slow beat music. Take note of your hubby/wifey's questioning look.

5.  Going to Jollibee and insisting on buying a halo-halo. When the staff tells you they don't have it, apologize and say "Your store looks like... (mention your favorite halo-halo store). Observe the staff' and other customers' bewildered faces.

The idea here is you can always commit mistakes. Don't be afraid of them. After all, they can be great spices to an enjoyable day.

So what funny, silly things have you done in your life?

Have a great, enjoyable time!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Not everyone will go the extra mile in forgiving, giving and doing service.

To go the second mile is to love without limits.  Nobody says it's easy.  In fact, it is hard, and has no guarantee of any earthly reward.

But it is a journey of love, kindness and selflessness.  And anything that is done out of love is worth the journey.

Go the extra mile today. There aren't traffic jams in there.

Matthew 5:41 - "If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles." 

Monday, June 27, 2016


As a father, you may have your shortcomings. You may have your cringy imperfections. No earthly father is perfect, anyway.

But in your daughter's eyes, next to God, you are the most perfect father in the world (in the universe rather)

You are special. Here's an amateur recording I made intentionally for you.

Happy Father's Day, Papa-O!

Monday, June 8, 2015


     Most of the time, we associate truth with what is real and visible.  It could be a change of status, a way of life or a way of thinking.  

     But so is deception.  We can always exchange lies for truth if we are not careful.

     There has to be a guiding principle for truth.  For real freedom comes from real truth.

     God's word is real truth.  It pierces the soul but it also liberates.  It can cause real pain, but it also strengthens.  It can cause a whole night of crying, but it can also bring joy running over in the morning. 

      Truth is beautiful. Truth is precious. The beauty lies in its giver, Jesus Christ, the Truth Incarnate.

     Know what is true.  Learn God's Word today.